Virtualization with the use of KVM, Citrix XenServer, XEN, Hyper-V, XCP and other technologies

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Virtualization with the use of KVM, Citrix XenServer, XEN, Hyper-V, XCP

Virtualization is widely used in the work of many enterprises. It helps users to work faster and better, and the company in general gets more profit than before.

Creation of virtual servers is very popular today. Unfortunately, those who have never experienced with virtualization, often consider physical server as more reliable. However it is proven that working with a virtual server helps to increase the level of data security in many times.

Advantages of virtualization:
• Savings in the purchase of equipment;
• Reduce the cost of electricity;
• The best fault tolerance;
• Fewer licenses;
• Remote administration.

Nowadays one of the most popular platforms for virtualization is Hyper-V. It is easy to administer and improves productivity of hardware. In addition, Hyper-V is available free together with Windows Server.

Speaking about proven solutions, virtualization is for a long time based on VMware. But productivity of the equipment under this approach is significantly reduced.

XEN is the most popular modern virtualization technology. It does not request much productivity resource of the equipment while working, but provides a virtual work of a large number of operating systems.

Virtual Server Administration may include:
• OS installation (no settings);
• Installation of panel;
• Setting of virtualization;
• Organization of the file system;
• Setting of systems to virtualization;
• Final amendment of installed panel.

You may pass all these tasks or some of them into the hands of our experts. I.e. you may take advantage of IT outsourcing and get remote assistance to qualified professionals.