Do you know how our live will change in 2025?

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Do you know how our live will change in 2025?

The Pew Research Center's Internet & American Life Project presented the results of a survey of experts on the topic: "How Americans use the internet and how their activities affect their lives".

The survey involved 1,464 experts, many of whom hold an active position in the development of the Internet as a web builders, researchers, developers, analysts, managers, marketers and politicians. Research Center learned thousands of opinions with a view to imagine: what would be the Internet in 2025, what new technologies and applications will appear, how people's live will change in a decade?

Interviewed experts built their guesses on the topic: Will there appear new special and unique technologies and applications that will enable benefit by a significant increase in capacity in the United States in the period from now until 2025?

From all the views it is possible to find  one unifying: the basic interaction of people and their ability to "be together" and work will change with the time of bright telepresence, which will allow people to immediately meet “face to face" in cyberspace without traveling. Respondents believe that people will be able to feel faraway places, sounds, and smells, without actually being there.

In today's world, we buy a lot of goods and products in virtual online stores. We use video conferencing today.

In future we will be able to communicate with business partners, doctors, teachers, salesmen in video as under the live interaction, while eliminating the need to install additional applications and perform additional configurations.

Peter Janca, managing MCNC, North Carolina, wrote: "Improving the capacity will provide truthful feeling as if you are close to someone. Perhaps it will be a holographic representation of the other participants sitting in the room with you. This will be the "killer-app" for human interaction, this is also bad news for the travel and transportation industry. One of the uses of technology will be in education too. We use video conferencing today, but there are still obstacles to it. Providing of high bandwidth, combined with ultra-fast computing, will make the virtual work in the class  similar to the real learning".

Hal Varian, chief economist at Google, commented: "Internet devices that interact with the physical world will become the norm. They will learn on their own, with some verbal instructions from their users ... You will be able to purchase health monitoring system as easy as you buy home security system. Robotic and remote surgery will become commonplace. Tools for artistic creation, such as animated videos and interactive games will become more powerful and provide co-creation".

The results of the research can be found on the website The Pew Research Center's Internet & American Life.

Assumptions of experts are very interesting. Let’s look in 2025, what would indeed be a part of our life. And now Solvegen team makes its contribution into the development of IT industry and helps to realize all your fantastic ideas.

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