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Along with the style of work as a freelancer there is also a team approach for creating solutions. It is being used in many companies for a lot period of time and it is introduced in completely different levels, from elementary staff division into departments up to selecting the appropriate command for each project separately. Like any other process team building has its advantages and pitfalls. Let's start with the good side. What can a team effort give, that cannot be achieved by one person? First of all, the work in the group can meet the challenges that are not manageable for one person due to the huge scale of work or short deadlines. Obviously, any work that is performed in a team can be done at an accelerated pace, but if it is granted with a high quality organization. The more professionals are involved in the process, the sooner the task will be performed. A professional project manager must study not only the project entirely but also to consider all stages and steps in details. This will help him to build a rational use of time and to organize the work in such a style when the largest possible number of tasks can be hold concurrently. This approach can save time and bring the results in the shortest time. And this fact is a strong argument for the customer while selecting the performer. Many large customers are willing to pay for speed and quality, so they prefer teams and companies that can do the job faster by joining forces.

In addition, the team-working has such an advantage that can be called "collective intelligence". Work in a group appears much easier than an independent work, because you have all chances to find answers on professional issues rather quickly. It's not a secret that everyone in the team differs from each other and has a deep knowledge in a certain narrow field, everyone has experience in various nuances of the work. This allows finding solutions to difficult problems with the help of a colleague with experience in this matter. Cohesive team work saves employees from spending time searching for solutions in the Internet or in specific literature. The thing is that while working individually, a person can depend only on himself, and while being a part of a team everyone works for a common goal and is interested in the success of each colleague.

Collective thinking also appears a basis of success in finding the right decisions. They say: "Two heads are better then one". In controversial questions a group of people has advantages because they push several ideas and proposals, reasonably discuss them and choose the best option. This minimizes the risk of making the wrong decision.

Not last role in team work is played by a team spirit that harasses employees to keep up with colleagues in the pursuit of a common goal. In addition working among like-minded is more interesting than among silent walls.

Having assessed all the advantages of working in a team, it's hard to understand the problems that may appear while working in a team. Project manager faces most of them. He has to be responsible for the selection of specialists with the necessary knowledge and skills. It is important to identify not only the professional qualities of the candidates, but also their personal characteristics at this stage, because the atmosphere in the team often affects the success of the overall work. The project manager must make a clear assignment of tasks in the most rational way to prevent getting a set of separately resolved tasks that cannot be joined together. The PM is responsible for clear definition of goals, objectives and timelines and for achievement of understanding and cooperation inside the team. Only under this condition it is possible to receive such parts of the project, which can then be easily put together.

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