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Project Information

Online shop Epacks is built on the trading platform, developed by our specialists. It allows customers to easily purchase the most fashionable backpacks from the United States. Products are divided into categories, which allows the customer to easily find the right one. User’s personal account allows you to quickly create an order. Online shop is equipped with admin panel, which can be used to manage users, pages, products, orders, and to adjust the trading platform for owner’s needs.


HTML5, CSS, JQuery, MSSQL Server

Easy Court Filing

Easy Court Filing

The system for the submission of documents to the judicial authorities of Australia, such as lawsuits etc.

HoReCa Platform

HoReCa Platform

A functional tool for owners of hotels, restaurants and cafes allows them to create smart applications to present their business.

Beta Production

Beta Production

Our company has developed a solution for easy connection of online stores to fulfilment center "BetaProduction."