OMS with individually developed functionality


designed module processing and displaying statistics


with several diversified online stores

Project Information

Bubblegum project is a large-scale order management system (OMS). This OMS is a platform that combines several sites and online-stores and allows to manage all the lifecycle of the goods. We created a system that tracks all stages of order processing and displays collected statistics in an easy to read format. There is a functionality that allows managing any step of order processing using individual access. They platform includes several types of users’ roles to restrict access to the information and management abilities depending on the needs of the user’s role. The OMS provides constantly updated inventory information, a database of vendors, a database of customers, a record of customer returns and refunds, information on billing and payments, order processing records, and general information.


CSS, JQuery, MSSQL Server, Social Sharing

Easy Court Filing

Easy Court Filing

The system for the submission of documents to the judicial authorities of Australia, such as lawsuits etc.

HoReCa Platform

HoReCa Platform

A functional tool for owners of hotels, restaurants and cafes allows them to create smart applications to present their business.



Online store selling a wide range of products for children and their mothers.